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Double D Solutions

Telephone Systems, Voicemail, VoIP, Networking and More

Phone Systems

There are three major types of commercial phone systems on the market today: key systems, Private Branch Exchange (PBX) systems, and KSU-less phones. The type of system you choose will depend on how many stations (extensions) you need and what features you require.

Long Island Business Phone Systems

Cable & Wiring

No job is too small from adding a single PC to cabling an entire manufacturing plant or warehouse. As a complete installation and maintenance source, we will work with you to provide fully customized, high-speed connectivity.

Long Island Cabling and Wiring

Service & Install

Double D also provides full installations, moves/adds/changes (MAC), administration, cable management, and project management to our customers. Double D processes requests for any of these services on a first-in first-out basis and quite often on a same day basis.

Long Island Business Phone System Service and Installation

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